2nd Annual Blog Carnival for World OT Day (27th October 2012): Exploring Balance

2nd Annual Blog Carnival for World OT Day (27th October 2012): Exploring Balance

I’m reblogging this post as part of the Blog Carnival hosted by ‘Linda’s Daily Living Skills’ as it explores some of the challenges of occupational balance work as a service-user, from my perspective now as an OT student. I found the concept of occupational balance quite challenging as a service-user, as the experience of labelling some of my occupations as simply ‘rest’ or ‘leisure’ felt overwhelming, as it didn’t allow for the ‘lived-experience’ of some of the activities I was compelled to engage in. The post discusses this, alongside the benefit of using pie-charts to visually represent the level of balance I had.



Time-Use Analysis and Occupational Balance

Click to see my Time-Use Pie Charts created when in the Therapeutic Community

One of the most helpful parts of Occupational Therapy, for me, was time-use analysis. Initially we used a diary sheet to note down what we had been doing in each thirty minute section of one twenty-four hour period, and used it to reflect on whether we felt we had ‘occupational balance’.

After attending a Learning Network for Personality Disorder and Occupation I, and occasionally other clients, would transpose the results into a pie chart. I’d attended a talk from another PD service that advocated the use of pie charts to document change and progress, with respect to occupational balance. My ‘inner geek’ (this quality I now understand and share with many #OTGeeks on social media sites) embraced the idea and enjoyed producing the chart and trying to devise an Excel spread sheet…

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