Day 1

This is going to be pretty brief as I’m typing on my old iPhone, which is the only device I can seem to get playing with the 3G here. But apparently Moldova has free wifi in all the city’s parks so I shall take my tablet there soon (you can tell they are used to drier weather…).

I arrived in Moldova late last night (1 a.m. local time) and was taken by taxi to my host’s apartment. Even at that time of night, in a more residential district of Chișinău , the area was still most definitely awake. My accommodation is in a traditional Moldovan tower block. They look incredibly run down but are very comfortable inside. My room is actually my host’s living room, which she has generously given up for my month long stay.

This morning, after a delicious breakfast of porridge, breads and peaches I began my induction to Chișinău . I was guided round the trolley bus system (which costs about £9 for a month’s unlimited travel) and journeyed into the city centre. I was shown all the important landmarks and was struck by both the vibrancy of the city, and the sheer number of mobile phone shops. There are only three carriers here and they seem to have an outlet every 3rd or 4th shop. I then completed the paperwork related to my placement and travelled back to my host’s apartment. Where I fought off the urge to sleep! Exhausted doesn’t come close, the journey yesterday was quite hot and stressful. So lots of rest required this evening ready for another day of exploring tomorrow, before my placement begins on Monday.


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