Day 2

Day 2

…and my last settling in day before placement begins tomorrow.

I’m loving the food, it really suits my tastes. Breakfast was corn on the cob, peaches and watermelon. At lunch my host and I were taken out by the director of the volunteering scheme here. Despite the salsa, bachata and merengue music being played, we had traditional Moldovan cuisine. I can’t remember the names of what I ate, but it was all very tasty, all 4 courses. It is clear that the Moldovans like to demonstrate their considerable hospitality by way of ensuring you have plenty to eat!

My host and I also explored more of the centre of Chișinău this morning, including visiting the lake, war memorial park, the mansions of Moldova (the few rich citizens are clearly very rich) and locating the new shopping complex as it will be a regular meeting point with other volunteers. It mildly amused me that they had named it ‘Mall-Dova’. Well, seems sensible really. We also explored the vast fruit, vegetable and meat markets, that even on a Sunday were bustling.

That’s all for today, tomorrow I’ll report on my first glimpses of occupational therapy in Moldova.



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