Day 6

A much less frustrating day!

This morning we made very pretty flowers out of fabrics. It was a great opportunity to observe how the group managed things such as scissor use, following instructions, initiating and terminating stages of the task. It gave me more insight into their skills and abilities, and I remain intrigued as to how ‘easy’ the group is to work with. For example, while their concentration for an aspect of the task can waver quite quickly, the whole group was content to remain in one room for 2 hours. They filled the time with conversations with each other, helping other group member finish their flower or finding something else to do.

After lunch we took the whole group to the local Orthodox church. The Priest came out and spoke to the group outside about a forthcoming holy celebration. While much of it was lost in translation, I sensed that he had a very relaxed, informal manner that helped the group relate to the message he was conveying. We also spent some time inside the church. I’d visited the central cathedral at the weekend but this visit to a local church let me see that the hugely ornate decor and absence of seating is normal for churches here. My supervisor commented that she had loved the churches in Western Europe as they were so simple, but while the ornate decor wouldn’t be to my tastes, its detail and grandeur has to be admired.

My journey back to my accommodation was relatively uneventful, other than the conductor speaking to me as I got on the trolleybus (that is a rare event). I’m guessing he said ‘I remember you from this morning, no need to see your pass’ as he didn’t wait for me to display my monthly ticket. But, who knows!

I met up with another volunteer this evening who arrived a couple of days after me. It was nice to hear about her project and host family and together we braved a meal out. We have mastered suitable gestures for ordering (fortunately many menus here have photos that can be pointed at), doggy bags (point at leftovers and then make a box shape), and the bill (point at purse and mimic signing something). Sorted. Perhaps I should spend a little more time with my Romanian phrase book….


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