Day 7

(Actually day 8 if you count the day I arrived…I can’t believe it has been a week already.)

So, today…

Drama on the trolleybus this morning, the cables attaching us to the overhead wire fell off. So the driver had to climb onto the roof and reattach us, and off we went. I suspect by the lack of reaction from other passengers that this is a pretty common occurrence.

Placement today was quite quiet. The clients were only in until lunchtime and I spent the morning preparing activities for next week, as the theme for group work is ‘The United Kingdom’. The centre likes to spend a week learning about the culture of the country any volunteers come from. So we’ll be baking and doing craft activities with a UK theme. I’m not a Royalist, but as several people have asked me about Prince George, I found myself downloading a photo of the happy new family for my introductory presentation. I’m very wary of the centre’s educative focus, so I’m trying to balance working within their framework and also bringing in a bit more ‘therapy’ to the activities I’m planning during the week.

This afternoon I went swimming in the local pool. Another interesting experience! I don’t know if systems here seem complicated due to the language barrier, or if they actually are, but there are a lot of steps to go through before swimming; Buy ticket from cashier, go to another cashier and hand in shoes and put on flip flops, get given padlock for clothes but hand in valuables to shoe ‘looker-afterers’, who lock valuables in a locker of the same number as your padlock, go to changing rooms and get changed selecting any empty locker for your padlock. And then swim. For the duration of your tightly controlled 55 minute session. Phew. It was lovely to be swimming outside again, as that’s an occupation I value at home. The water isn’t quite so clear here though.

And so the weekend is here, I’m meeting up with the other volunteers on different projects tomorrow and we’re going to experience some of Chișinău’s tourist attractions… reports to follow.



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