September 2015

Dissociation and Occupation 

‘Coming Out’. Again. And again.

July 2015

Stigma and Celebrity

May 2015

#Blogshotting – short blogs for Twitter

March 2015

Pd2ot Becomes an Occupational Therapist

February 2015

#OTalk – #EDAW15 Occupational Therapy and Eating Disorders

November 2014

Alien’s Occupational Journey


July 2014

I have news.

June 2014

The Challenge of Language

February 2014

What do you know about eating disorders?

January 2014

Pro Eating Disorder Websites – a Personal, Occupational Perspective

This Week in Metalists 2013 Awards – The Winners (reblogged)

November 2013

Occupational Meaning – A Dynamic and Personal Experience

September 2013

‘Dear Occupational Therapists’ – Responses to #OTalk ‘When Occupational Therapy Goes Wrong’

Transcript: #OTalk ‘When Occupational Therapy Goes Wrong’ (reblogged)

When Occupational Therapy Goes Wrong

August 2013

The Final ‘Live’ Post from Moldova: Day 27

Days 25 and 26

Days 23 and 24

Days 21 and 22 – Cricova Winery

Day 20

Day 19 – Mănăstirea Hâncu

Day 18

Day 17 

Days 14, 15 and 16

Day 13

Day 12

Day 11 – The Challenge of Crossing Chișinău’s Roads

Day 10

Second Weekend in Chișinău

Day 7

Day 6

July 2013

Day 5

Day 4

Day 3 

Day 2

Day 1

The Moldova Series: It’s Moldova Time

June 2013

Overseas Volunteering

‘Emerging 2 OT’ Conference

Summer Plans

May 2013

Checking in – pd2ot and the brain.

February 2013

Does being ‘pd2ot’ make me less competent?

November 2012

‘Apparent Competence is Going to Kill Me’

October 2012

Occupational Deprivation, by Hospitalisation. 

The Power of the Pie (2nd Annual Blog Carnival for World OT Day): Exploring Balance

September 2012

The Elephant in the Room 

Multi-Disciplinary Summer School: ‘Healthy Ageing: Enjoyment versus Endurance’ 

August 2012

#occhat ‘Mindfulness and Occupation’ Grabchat

Mindfulness and Occupation

July 2012


Summer of Salsa

June 2012

Dialectical Behavioural Occupational Therapy?

Fitness to Practise

Don’t Handle Me with Kid Gloves

BPD’s Limit of ‘Fun Occupation

May 2012

OT: Disdain to Delight

Self-defeating Meaningful Occupation

‘OT is for Thick People’

Ultimate Service-User Involvement

So…What is this Blog About?


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